Drupal Style

How to Install a Drupal Module

Jun 15, 2010

Installing modules in Drupal is very important as it helps your website achieve more functionality. Often themes require additional modules in order to function properly. Themes that require support from modules are usually e-commerce themes, or themes that are more dynamic. This tutorial will guide you step-by-step on how to install modules on your Drupal website.

  1. The first step is to navigate to Drupal to download a module that you require. For this example we will use the CCK module as an example so we must navigate to http://drupal.org/project/cck.
  2. When on the module's project page, you must scroll down to the bottom where you will see the latest version downloads for your Drupal website. Click the 'Download' link next to the latest version. (NOTE: the module's page is a great resource for more information, tutorials and other features the module may have)
  3. After the download has completed, locate the cck-6.x-x.xx.tar.gz file on your computer. To open this file you need an unzipping utility such as the free open-source 7zip. After you open the archive you will have to open another archive (double zipped) you will see a folder with the name 'cck'. Drag and drop that folder onto your desktop for the time being.
  4. Now you must put up your project onto your server via an FTP client such as FileZilla. After logging in to your website's FTP navigate to /sites/all/modules/. Drag and drop the folder from your desktop into this directory. Sometimes module specific instructions can be found inside of the module folder in a file named 'INSTRUCTIONS.txt'. Wait till the upload finishes to your website.
  5. You may now navigate to the management page for your modules on Drupal. The URL to navigate to is http://www.mycompanyname.com/admin/build/modules/list(you must be logged in to do this).
  6. Locate the module you have just placed into the /sites/all/modules/ directory in the previous steps. There are many options you can usually enable on a module. Referring back to the project page (IE: http://drupal.org/project/cck) can help in making a decision on what is needed for your. In this tutorial we are going to install the basics of CCK, click the following options: Content, Text; scroll down to the bottom and press 'Save configuration'.
  7. To further adjust your module you can navigate to http://www.mycomanyname.ca/admin/settings and find your module that you have just installed in there. (some modules do not have options under the settings)
  8. Your module is now installed!