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DrupalStyle finally goes live!

After several months of hard work we are finally ready for our Beta version of DrupalStyle. Specializing in Drupal development, 350 Designs constantly strives to improve the web one website at a time, both visually and usability-vise.

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Jul 10, 2009

Web safe fonts resource

Designing a website for cross-browser compatibility can be a pain at times, especially when it comes to font choices. Unusual or rare typefaces generally won't render correctly on the majority of computers, so designers and developers tend to use the same 4 or 5 fonts for the majority of their work.

Here, we will present a list of popular cross-browser web safe fonts, including some that are not as frequently used.

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Nov 13, 2008

Why use Drupal?

This article talks about the advantages of using Drupal as a base for medium to large scale CMS (Content Management System) driven websites.

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Sep 11, 2008

Website Navigation Menu Showcase

User-friendly navigation is the cornerstone of a good site design. Menus must combine simplicity, function, and aesthetic in order to provide the user with a satisfying browsing experience. However, not every navigation system has to be utilitarian and boring.

This showcase features a number of inventive and inspiring ways to display website navigation that we like.

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Aug 20, 2008