Drupal Style

How to Purchase a Theme from Drupal STYLE

Jun 15, 2010

This small tutorial will guide you on how to purchase your DrupalStyle theme!

Please NOTE: Drupal STYLE no longer sells any themes. All of them are now available for download absolutely FREE of charge, for both, commercial and personal uses. Enjoy!

  1. The first step is to navigate to 'Themes' in the main menu of the website.
  2. The first step is to locate the theme(s) you wish to purchase and press the check-mark button.
  3. The website will direct you to view what is currently in your 'Shopping Cart' and you can proceed by pressing the 'Checkout' button.
  4. Here are the details of your purchase. You select how you wish to pay and enter your payment details (credit card information). This page also has the option to enter special comments for our staff to read about your themes.
  5. If everything processes properly you will see a screen with your order details asking you to confirm and proceed to purchase the theme.
  6. You have now purchased a theme, you will recieve an email shortly. The theme will appear inside of your user > files tab. (You can navigate there by pressing the little user icon under the main menu).